Memorial Poster for Nohemi Gonzalez

In the wake of the attacks on Friday, November 13, 2015, a team of 5 Design Teams created posters that were placed in the halls of Cal Poly Pomona's Department of Art and College of Environmental Design to be signed. These posters were then taken to Cal State Long Beach's College of Art in Memory of the Cal State Long Beach Student Nohemi Gonzalez, who was killed while studying abroad. I imagined that if I was an artist, walking through the streets of Paris, France and had two paintbrushes in hand- I would take them and paint blue and red on the wall creating the French Flag. The paint would run, and create the flag of the United States. Both countries have supported each other over the past two and a half centuries. After September 11, 2001 Paris lit the Eiffel Tower in Red, White, and Blue... connecting both countries. This is seen here with the merging of the flags respective colors in this artwork. Project Leader: Mark Sutton Designers: Brooke Emmet | Christopher Rosas | Douglas Leon | Jasper Cho | Jocelyn Chung | Nathen Ruiz | Ray Marquez | Sean Gardner

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