Poster Concept: Science Poster

The purpose was to create a three poster series to be utilized by the Orange County Discovery Science Center as promotion for summer camps focused for junior high and high school students. The use of letter form as image was considered with the development of this idea, creating a structure that would support both image and text. Secondly photographs are used to create engaging content relating to the subject discussed per title.

A-Astronomy. Both images selected represent different aspects of Astronomy such as literal outer space with stars and galaxies in the skies above, and the transportation which takes people to space via the space shuttle.

B-Biology, when students start learning about biology, typically difference between plant cells and animal cells is focused on in early discussion. The difference in how these two types of cells looks and function are iconic to junior high and high school education.

C-Chemistry. Chemistry is the study of the chemical makeup of the world, and what elements are bound together or react to create byproducts that we use or or are found in the natural world.

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